Private Zenyasa®

with Jason Brown, MA, RYT, LMT

"Yoga ia a way of moving into stillness in order to experience the truth of who you are."

— Erich Schiffmann

The Zenyasa® Method

Zenyasa® is a mindfulness-based movement and meditation practice that includes slow-flow yoga, functional strength and flexibility training, and a variety of introspective techniques that collectively cultivate serenity, resilience, and greater Self-awareness. The practice is accessible with step-by-step verbal cues to help foster sound alignment and optimal effectiveness within each of the postures. All classes begin and end the same way, but also include a unique theme inspired by the energetic nature associated with the five elements in traditional Chinese medicine (Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, and Fire).


In 1x1 sessions, each practice is informed by your unique needs, goals and energy level, all of which changes from week to week. There are opportunities within each class to pause and ask questions, with less of an agenda to "get all the way through a sequence." There is also more a more personal exchange between teacher and student. As time goes on it will become more clear what your strengths and weaknesses are so that we can hone in on developing the areas that need work. 

Develop Your Practice

Another reason you might seek private instruction is that you want guidance around developing your own personal practice. There will always be something special about doing a self-guided daily practice on your own mat, where you can move to the rhythm of your own breath, work as hard or soft as your then-present energy desires, stop and start, change directions, listen to and receive guidance from your own inner voice. It's wonderful, and I can help you develop a personal practice that you can call your own.

Read What Some of My Yoga Students Are Saying...

Ariana Rabinovitch
New York Stretch, Co-Founder

"Jason seamlessly  weaves together his knowledge of yoga, exercise science, anatomy, buddhist philosophy, massage, and Traditional Chinese Medicine. But even with all this knowledge and expertise under his belt, his classes are down to earth and I always leave class feeling strong, balanced and serene. I am hooked."

Claire McCarthy
Yoga & Bodyhoop Teacher

 "I contacted Jason and set up a private yoga session to explore his signature Zenyasa practice. The practice is skillfully put together and provides a balanced mental, physical and emotional experience.  It's a beautiful practice and I am so happy to have found it."

Langley Danowitz

"Zenyasa is the most wonderful yoga experience we have ever had - and we've  tried many!  Jason's idea is that yoga is a mindful, healthful and athletic discipline.  Attending one of his 90 minute classes provides the yoga student an uplifting, joyful and freeing feeling  - deeply felt in the entire body and brain. "

Ruthie Lawyer
Doula & Yoga Instructor

 "Zenyasa is an amazingly thoughtful integration of meditation and yoga and thorough knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology. Jason Brown is an insightful teacher with the skill of articulating instructions very precisely and clearly and with enormous goodwill. The studio is  small and sweet. It is a very creative and exciting."