Anatomy Studies for Yoga Teachers (ASFYT)

A Series of In-Depth Courses for Working Yoga Teachers

a superior education in functional anatomy and common joint-related injuries for yoga teachers and other movement professionals seeking to boost their confidence, refine their verbal cues and better serve their students

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Let's face it. When you graduated from yoga teacher training and started teaching one thing quickly became apparent: the small amount of anatomy education that you received just wasn't enough to prepare you to work with all of the various kinds of issues that arise when you teach yoga. Your students come in all shapes and sizes, with a variety of musculoskeletal imbalances and possibly with a previous history of injuries. Furthermore, many of the classic yoga postures (e.g., lotus, Hero's pose, headstand, shoulderstand) carry many potential risks that if not taught skillfully can manifest in serious injury. Without a solid foundation in functional anatomy, biomechanics and injury awareness and prevention, it can feel very stressful teaching because you know that your students are relying on you to help them safely navigate all of these challenges.

 "I want to help yoga teachers overcome their fear of learning anatomy and become more confident in their teaching by going through the same transformation that I went through. Early on in my teaching, I honestly started to feel like a fraud. My students would come up to me all the time with questions that I didn't have the answers to, and because I felt like I should have the answers I would often just BS my way through a response because I didn't want to let them down. When I finally made the decision to dive deep into the study of anatomy, the impact it had on my teaching and confidence was HUGE! I went through such an empowering transformation that I wanted to share it with my yoga teaching colleagues, which is how Anatomy Studies for Yoga Teachers came into being.

- Jason Ray Brown

If you're resonating with all of this, then firstly just know that you're not alone! The majority of yoga students enrolling in yoga teacher training have no background in anatomy, and possibly like you they struggled with learning it for the first time in YTT when they were also focused on learning yoga philosophy, posture alignment and how to teach yoga. Anatomy is a big subject and can definitely be intimidating, but you CAN learn it! It just takes time and intention and the belief that doing so is important because it will help you and it will help your students. If you could wave a magic wand over head right now and just suddenly have an in-depth knowledge of every bone, joint and muscle in the body, as well as how to help prevent and work with all of the most common joint-related injuries in the body, how would that feel? Can you imagine how this knowledge would boost your teaching confidence? If so, please watch this 7-minute video to hear what other yoga teachers have shared about their experience in the ASFYT Series, and consider joining us in an upcoming series in NYC or through the online ASFYT Series if you don't live in New York.

 "This course gave me so many tools for my yoga teacher tool-kit that I could immediately use in my group classes and private sessions. I was thrilled that I could look at a body and have more information about how a particular student may need to modify or amplify a pose to make it more beneficial to their particular body. Jason is skilled at teaching teachers how to step back, pause, and ask why. I feel like my sequences are more thoughtful, mindful and educational than ever before. Even my students have commented about a marked change in my teaching since enrolling in the course- they are the ones who are truly benefiting!

- Jess Blake, Yoga Teacher

 "If you want to have a greater respect for yourself as a movement professional, Jason’s ASFYT series is a must! I have been a Pilates instructor for 10 years and a student of Pilates for 20 years, and this course gave me a greater understanding of the anatomical structure and engagement of the body than any course I have ever taken. Anyone who has chosen the path of helping others in the field of physical movement will honor one’s self and clients tremendously by committing to this course.

- Jeff Elsass, Core Strength Pilates (Owner)

ASFYT Series vis Online Home Study

Study from anywhere in the world, as long as you have a good internet connection. Our online yoga anatomy home-study course includes over 100 hours of high quality video taken during a one of the recent residential courses, along with all of the presentation slides shown in class. It also includes online, open-book quizzes for each module to help reinforce your learning, and unlimited access to the student forum on Facebook where you can ask any questions you like that may come up in your studies.

Open Enrollment
Register whenever you like, and take as long as you need to complete.   Lifetime Access Your enrollment gives you lifetime access to the ASFYT Student Resources for the course or courses in which you have enrolled. The student resources website include: 100+ hours of high quality video for each module that includes the entire lecture given in a recent live class in NYC,  including the in-class demonstrations and question/answer exchanges with students downloadable presentation slides for each module for offline study comprehensive open-book quizzes meant to help you review the material the ASFYT student forum, where you can ask any questions that might arise as you proceed through material  

No-Risk, 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!
We feel confident that you'll find the content, course materials and high definition videos infinitely valuable. However, if you feel that the course doesn't live up to your expectations we offer a 30-day, money back guarantee on the total amount of your purchase. All that we ask is that you spend some time with the materials first so that you can get a better sense of the true value you are receiving, and then hop on the phone with us to let us know how the course hasn't met your expectations. And then if you still want the refund we'll go forward with processing it.  

After you register, we’ll email you a link to a video that will orient you to the home-study process. In the video we go over the Course Requirements and Syllabus for ASFYT-1, familiarize you with the online student resources and share with you a recommended study process.  We'll also encourage you to think about when you're going to study and how much time you're going to study each week, and then write a study vow to make a formal commitment to the course, which you'll then email to us.  If you have any questions after watching the video you can email us or just dive in to your studies!

The Journey Awaits

 "This has been the most beneficial course I have ever done. I now feel confident in working with clients who have injuries, and have a deeper understanding of the mechanisms of the body as a whole. Jason provides ongoing support during and after graduation in discussion forums, answering questions quickly and throughly. I highly recommend this course for anyone in the movement industry; it will be a game changer for your teaching and your skill set.

- Sarah Treadwell, Yoga and Pilates Teacher (Melbourne, AU)

 "I was thrilled to come across the ASFYT home-study program. It allowed me to access all of the material online, including lecture notes, presentation slides, and audio/video presentations of the classes taking place in NYC. Jason was always available for questions and the format allowed for plenty of flexibility to complete quizzes and exams even with my unpredictable work schedule.  Jason is one of the most knowledgeable, friendly, down to earth and patient teachers I’ve ever studied with. It was truly a gift to find him and participate in the program.

- Andrea Scarborough, Yoga Teacher (Caribbean Islands)

 "The ASFYT course had been recommended to me by several excellent yoga teachers, but there’s no way anyone could’ve conveyed to me what turned out to be one of the best training courses that I’ve ever attended.  I loved it, and learned more than I could have ever imagined.  While the course of study is extensive and comprehensive, Jason has put it together and presents it in such a way as to make the material accessible, inspiring and fun.

- Freddie Wyndham, Yoga Teacher

Frequently Asked Questions

You’re in the same boat as most yoga teachers who have come out of their first teacher training. The ASFYT Series was created to offer a strong foundation in functional anatomy for those with no prior anatomy background, as well as fill in educational gaps for those who have previously studied anatomy. There are no prerequisites before beginning ASFYT-1.

While we do start off with the basics, the course is layered and goes quite deep. It’s also comprehensive, so it will likely fill in whatever gaps there are in your education if you have primarily learned anatomy piecemeal through small workshops. In addition, the frequent references made between the material being studied and yoga asana practice make the course extremely unique… even if you have previously studied anatomy. Plus – the only way to really learn anatomy is through repetition, repetition, repetition! But definitely contact us if you’re concerned, and we can discuss your unique situation in more depth.

Every program has its strengths weaknesses, so we recommend that you do some thorough research before making a decision.  You should be able to get a pretty good sense of the scope of the ASFYT Series by reading the course descriptions and testimonials above, but in making your decision please consider:

  • The background of the person leading the course. Jason, who teaches the ASFYT Series, has an extensive education in the subject matter as well as going on 20 years of experience teaching both hatha and vinyasa yoga in gyms, yoga studios and private settings (check out his detailed bio below); he brings this experience into the classroom by sharing numerous real world examples to help bring the material to life, and his passion for the subject is quite contagious! 
  • The organization of the course. The ASFYT Series is comprehensive but well-organized, much like it would be if you were taking a series of functional anatomy courses at a university. All of the content is presented in a logical, step-by-step way that allows you to learn a huge breadth of material in great depth. 
  • The depth and scope of the course. We do not feel that you can learn this subject in just 20 hours, or over the course of just a few weeks. The ASFYT Series is presented in a modular format, consisting of 36 three-hour modules spread out over the course of ten months (for the residential series). This format allows us to give you a reasonable-sized chunk of information in depth, which you can then spend a week digesting before coming back the following week for more. As the weeks go by, we layer more information on top of what has come before. By the time we get to ASFYT-3 you'll be speaking the language of anatomy. 
  • The actual content of the course. The ASFYT-Series covers the skeletal and muscular systems in depth, with frequent reference to how to apply that information to yoga asana through the lens of biomechanics and kinesiology. Please read over the detailed descriptions for each course in the ASFYT Series, and compare it to what you will be studying in any other course that you're considering. 
  • What other students say about the course. Don't take our word for how great this course is... read all of the amazing testimonials that our students leave for us! These are all real people, most of whom have a significant web presence so you can check them out for yourself.

For the residential course, you’ll need to set aside about 3 hours per week for class, plus about 3-5 hours per week for study time. For the home-study course, if you want to move at the same pace as the residential course then you should set aside about 5-8 hours per week, but if you want to go a little slower (or faster) you could adjust this time. The actual amount of time that you spend studying will also vary depending upon how quickly you pick things up, how much prior anatomy knowledge you have, how thorough you want to be, and how much time you want to devote to retaining the material.

We generally discourage this because we cover a lot of great stuff in the first two courses that you may not have been exposed to before, even if you already have a significant background in anatomy. We've had many students go through the entire series who have previously studied anatomy in depth (e.g., PTs, OTs, LMTs, RNs, and graduates of other anatomy programs), and they've reported that they were happy they didn't skip the first two courses. For one thing, it's good to review concepts that you may have been exposed to before, and for another we have a particular point of view when we teach the content, as it relates to yoga asana, which is important for the later explorations of yoga asana during ASFYT-3.

There is no mandatory attendance requirement for residential students. While we encourage you to attend class as much as possible if you have previous commitments and need to miss class you can make up the material online via the home-study option.

We don't allow the videos to be downloaded, as we want to ensure that they aren't out there in the world to be freely shared or embedded on other sites. However, when you enroll in the course you receive LIFETIME ACCESS to the content so you can watch them whenever you like so long as you have an internet connection. And we do allow the presentation slides and audio files to be downloaded so that you can study from them offline whenever you like.

For those who register for the online home-study program, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. After 30 days no refunds are available, but you have lifetime access to the materials so if life gets in the way you can postpone your studies indefinitely.  

For those in the residential series: if you withdraw at least two weeks prior to the start date of the course you will be given a full refund minus a $100 administrative fee; if you withdraw less than two weeks prior to the start date of the course you will be given a full refund minus a $250 administrative fee; if you withdraw after a course has begun, there are no refunds available but you have the option to transfer your enrollment to a future residential series for an additional administrative fee of $100 plus any increase in tuition or to complete the entire curriculum via the online home-study program for no additional fee

Yes! You'll will receive a certificate for each course that you successfully complete that you can submit for continuing education credits with Yoga Alliance.

Residential Students: if you complete the series in-person you'll receive 36 CEUs per course completed

Online Home-Study: Yoga Alliance awards one CEU per five hours spent studying. We estimate that most home-study students spend about 90 hours studying for each course in the series, so we award 18 CEUs per course for home-study students

Ready to Get Anatomically Empowered?

 "This course raises the standard of excellence for yoga and movement educators! From start to completion the information was presented in a logical and layered fashion. I have never before taken a class where the instructor had invested so much of himself in our continued success. Jason R. Brown is a model of integrity and professionalism and his influence pours into his students, which establishes a strong community of highly educated and compassionate instructors. It was so good I would take it again!

- Chris Loebsack, Boundless Yoga (Owner)

 "I have taught yoga and Pilates for 13 years and have taken many anatomy classes. While anatomy can be incredibly confusing and difficult to memorize, Jason’s approach was the most thoughtful and straight forward I have ever experienced in a class room setting. Aside from the basic anatomy, we digested a ton of new information about injury prevention and how yoga poses can be so incredibly different from one body to the next. I suppose the real reason I liked the class so much was because it wasn’t only text books and tests, it was a conversation.

- Jessie Zalla, Zalla Pilates (Owner)

 "Taking this training has made us so much more confident, both as yoga teachers and practitioners. We work with nontraditional populations (older students, hospital patients, incarcerated youth, injured students), so it's imperative that we avoid aggravating pre-existing conditions or creating new ones. Jason used clear, down-to-earth language and creative presentations to make anatomy come alive. He challenged us to deepen our own individual understanding of anatomy in a congenial setting, without stress! We highly recommend it for anyone working with the human body.

Ingrid Marcroft and Stephan Kolbert, UWS Yoga  Studio (Owners)

 "I am a yoga instructor at Pure Yoga and was ecstatic when Jason announced that he was teaching an anatomy course. I have always been fascinated with the human body and wanted to learn how this extraordinary machine works. As an instructor, I feel it is important to have a deeper understanding of the skeletal and muscular structure and how and why bodies differ from person to person. No two bodies are alike in terms of movement, flexibility, strength, range of motion, and injury. I see the human body in whole new light. I highly recommend it.

- Lauren Bassett Yoga Teacher & Founder of Pure PXT

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